Everything in your LIFE has been in preparation to bring you to where you are today! 
I hear the Lord speaking: "A great door of opportunity is opened...and there are many adversaries." (1 Corinthians 16:9). This was written by the Apostle Paul at the moment God gave him the key to the city of Corinth. God has set before you an OPEN DOOR, do not let your adversaries delay, discourage, or distract you! Now is the time to step into a new season of your calling. 

As you walk through the door.... Can you hear that? It is the sound of a great "reset" in your life. Things the enemy robbed from you are now coming back to be restored. Restored relationships, recovered opportunities, revived hopes, are on the other side of this door. Your future is calling you! One of the ways God speaks to you is through a dream that won’t leave you alone. God not only gives you the desires of your heart, GOD PUTS THE DESIRES THERE! The unfulfilled longing, that dream that stirs you up both day and night, is proof that God has something more. 

You experience AWAKENING when you begin to dream "God's dream!" When Jacob was running for his life, he curled up under the stars and fell asleep and found himself in a dream where he saw angels moving up and down on a celestial stairway. He heard God speak, "I will watch over you." When Jacob "awoke from his sleep" he discovered that God was in that place and he didn't even know it. His dream made him aware. When a dream leads you to an awakening - that's a Dream Trip!

Paul told the Romans, " that NOW it is HIGH TIME to AWAKEN out of sleep." (Ro. 13:11) Do we know what time it is? Do we understand that it is high time to awaken out of sleep? We can no longer put off the things we know to do. I guarantee you that the Holy Spirit is telling each one of us to do something! It's important we obey Him.  God gives an allotment of time for the things He instructs us to do. CAN I BE HONEST?  My dreams are demanding that I expand my capacity to make those dreams manifest. We never stop growing. This next Dream Trip is going to beoff the charts. I keep hearing the words of Jesus, "Let's go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile." (Mk 6:31) This is the place to benchmark your progress and courageously confront the "adversaries" at the door - those patterns and influences contending to control how you think, feel and behave. It’s time to take back TOTAL control. 

I believe there a secret dream on the inside of you. It's something you don't share often. I believe that God put that thought deep inside your spirit - and it is trying to surface in your imagination. It is like oil deep beneath the earth pushing up into a great well.  

This trip is your next step - meet me in Paradise, the 2019 Dream Trip in Paradise Point, San Diego. 
As you read this, I want you to let your imagination become a clear picture screen. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you the wonder of all God wants you to become. Get CLEAR, CONNECTED and COMMISSIONED into your ultimate dream!
I talk much about the seven mountains. You have a mountain. Don't stop climbing till you reach the peak. And KNOW THIS - the higher you climb, the more you need the right team! You cannot scale new heights in God's calling by climbing alone. Not just because it is dangerous (and it is) but because it climbing solo is not God's way. What God is doing today is being done by his glorious people, the body of Christ. I believe we are in the time of Josephs 7 years of harvest. In Egypt the harvest started when Pharoah awakened from a prophetic dream. All he needed was a practical strategy from a prophetic dream interpreter. I cannot say how many years into the 7 year season we are in, but I do know the enemy is doing everything he can to thwart God's plan. If I'm correct (and so far I have been) this is the time to hustle, not sleep

Here is a key to the time remaining for Josephs harvest no matter the length. Years ago I heard the Lord speak through a man of God: "Joseph created storehouses to contain the harvest. RELATIONSHIPS ARE YOUR STOREHOUSE." 
Think about this... 
  •  Your customers are the storehouse of your prosperity. 
  •  Your family is the storehouse of your legacy.
  •  Your marriage is the storehouse of intimacy.
  •  Eternity is the storehouse of your fruitfulness - and that fruit is the lives you touched, not the wealth you gathered or the fame you acquired.
God has designed your destiny so that it cannot be fulfilled without others. If your prosperity is housed in your relationships, how will you attract the relationships you need, want and desire? What will your family legacy be? Are there relationships you want God to restore? How about romance, intimacy or excitement? 

Is it too late or is this not the perfect timing of God? How about the audience you see in front of you when your eyes are closed? Do you really want to grow this harvest? 

Those faces you see are the lives you were destined to touch. Right now there is someone looking for you, your message, your unique ministry, product or counsel. Your harvest is in the storehouse and the storehouse is in relationships.

Listen to Paul's words again "knowing the time, that NOW it is HIGH TIME to awaken out of sleep!" God is awakening something deep in your spirit. The words "awakening" and "enlightenment" or "light' are linked together. It's time to turn the lights on and see clearly Gods storehouse strategy for prosperity, family and impact. 
Don't ignore the call any longer!
The time is NOW to learn how to master the most important chapter of your life - the NEXT one. Is there a Biblical "law of attraction?" What's the secret behind great relational "chemistry"?  Is there a secret to manifesting your heart's desire? The answer is YES! God has provided everything you need and that includes the key relationships called into your life. Trust me, they are on their way. The challenge for you is to show up! 

It's not easy - a real dream will have many adversaries. 

Your biggest enemy is the devil. He is after your mind, your money, your marriage, your job, your joy, your kids and most importantly your future. The devil wants to get his hands on one area especially - your dreams! By stealing your dream, he kills your destiny and all the fruit that comes with it. 

The good news is that he can't pull off his plan without you! 

If you can master yourself you can master the environment and everything the devil flows at you.  
Discover how to build relationships that contain and support the agenda of God
Find mentors, coworkers, and people to support you, your business, and what you're doing
Learn how to design a relationship support culture that can support you for the rest of your life
Find and create FLOW
God has brought you to where you stand. Your relationships are the most crucial aspect of your entire life. are your Relationships where they need to be? 
Relationships are crafted over time, and are designed to support, encourage, and protect God's agenda for you and your life. 
Learning how to develop relationships to benefit yourself and others is crucial, and it's what this year's Dream Trip is all about!
You know, every time the team and I talk about whether or not we’re going to do another Dream Trip event, it seems that’s the time when people start calling in asking about it. Originally, the Dream Trip was designed as a sort of getaway with the tribe so we could all have some in-person, face to face time as a group to get to know each other.

What we’re seeing in government and business these days – in any kind of enterprise, ministry, or change that you want to create – is that relationships matter and despite the extreme overuse of the New Aged term, “The Law of Attraction”, it’s true that you have to attract into your life the right people. There is a spiritual aspect to that phrase in that the Greek word literally says that if two of you can agree, or form a symphony together, then you can have whatever it is you’re agreeing over.

So this is going to be a Dream Trip designed to help you get criteria in your life to attract the relationships that will help you build the dream that God gave you.

Transformation isn’t a solo act. Jesus spent all night praying to get the right twelve names. And you’re going to need the right people in this next season of your life.

So this is really going to focus heavily upon:
How to attract the right relationships
How to build the right relationships
How to exit from those relationships that aren’t working
Annabelle and I are really big on the family focus right now because we really believe the blessing of Obededom – that classic story in the bible about how the arc went to a house and the house was blessed is the model for the New Testament church. It shouldn’t be that you gotta go somewhere to find revival, your home should have a presence of God in it. 

If you’re single, you need to especially be thinking about how do you host the presence of God where you live how do you attract the people, the connections, the creativity into your life that will help you be and do what God has anointed you to.
The key to discovering new areas of divine expansion 
lies in cultivating relationships with those God has planted in your garden.
Abraham’s model of wealth creation involved exploring the gifts and dreams that are in the people with whom God has blessed you. It starts with you exploring what you are called to do but the next step is to explore what your spoce, child, mother, father, friends are dreaming right now.

Why am I bringing this up? Because there are some frequently missed keys in the Bible that help us understand God’s plan for supernatural wealth creation.

Here is a prophetic word for many of you – “God has already given you and your family a sphere—or an Eden—that you are to cultivate. There is new territory in ministry and prosperity for you if you will slow down and listen to what each other is saying. Your children are ready to step into new responsibilities. Explore each other’s dreams and look for the overlap. Be open to family callings and assignments.”

Abraham’s method of supernatural wealth creation began with a small group of 300 “household” servants that Abraham expanded into seven or more areas of supernatural prosperity. If you looked at him in the natural you would not see it, but there were angels engaged in the prosperity of this patriarch’s life. They were all working in Abraham’s garden, his territory, his assignment.

It begins in Genesis, in the garden. 

The first business enterprise didn’t require 300 household servants—it was Adam and Eve in the garden. In time, like Abraham, this enterprise was designed to grow. Eden was meant to be a family enterprise!

Your Eden or garden is the space God has given you to occupy and cultivate. Every garden is designed to expand! Each garden starts in your apartment or home. It will expand to your work. This garden will touch your business or may be an expansion into a new area of ministry. Explore this space. 

We are headed to the GARDEN at Paradise Point, San Diego this May 2019, and you can join us "LIVE" as we pray, coach, and prophesy you into CLARIFYING the needs of your relationships (both at personal and at work), LEARN how to find and create FLOW, and nurture the support system GOD has given you!  

Here's the lineup so far... more speakers to be announced!
Lance Wallnau
CEO, Lance Learning Group
Annabelle Wallnau
CEO, Family Mountain Foundation
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
CEO, American Alliance of Jews and Christians
Karen Wheaton
Founder, The Ramp
Steve Swanson
Friends of the Bridegroom Ministries
Lindsey Doss
Co-Founder / Lead Pastor, Hope Unlimited Church
Pedro Adao
Author and Founder, 100X 
Dawn Yoder
Founder & CEO, Global Priority Solutions
There's no reason to procrastinate or consider this opportunity any longer. We begin on May 23rd - less than a week away.  And believe me, when it's the week after the event and everyone is buzzing about all the “great content”, you won't want to be the person standing on the outside wondering what everyone else is so excited about.

So REGISTER NOW before you miss your chance!

I guarantee you this...

You will leave this event armed with everything you need to strengthen your relationships and have the support you need to honor the path God has set for you!
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