Transform Your Health: 
A Journey of Wellness
with Dr. Neil Goodman, MD, FAAP, FACP
Discover a transformative journey that's perfect for anyone looking to align physical health with spiritual values. The latest video course, led by Dr. Neil Goodman, a seasoned medical expert, is specifically crafted with you in mind.

Unlock the Secrets of Longevity and Well-being with 
Biblical Wisdom and Cutting-edge Science


Lessons #1 & #2: 
Uncover the empowering science of epigenetics, where your lifestyle choices meet your genetic destiny. This enlightening part of the course reveals how you can influence your genes through diet, exercise, and stress management, potentially rewriting your health future. Learn about the incredible plasticity of your genetic makeup and how you can use this knowledge to prevent illness, slow aging, and optimize your health. This segment is a journey into self-discovery, offering hope and practical tools to shape your health destiny.
Lesson #3: 
Intermittent Fasting
Embrace the transformative power of intermittent fasting, a practice as ancient as it is effective. This segment reveals not just the how but the why behind fasting, linking it to improved metabolism, enhanced brain function, and even longevity. Fasting is more than just a diet trend but a lifestyle change that aligns with biblical teachings and leads to a deeper understanding of your body's needs. Experience rejuvenation beyond the physical—to spiritual and mental well-being.
Lesson #4: 
The Power of the 2nd Brain
Dive into the fascinating world of the gut-brain connection, a revelation in modern science with profound implications for your health. This part of the course illuminates how your digestive system affects not just physical health but also mental clarity and emotional stability. Understand how the foods you eat influence your mood, energy levels, and even your thought processes. This knowledge arms you with the power to make informed decisions about your diet, leading to a healthier, happier you.
Lessons #5: 
Anxiety & Depression
In a world where mental health is as crucial as physical health, this course offers a sanctuary of wisdom. Explore holistic approaches to managing anxiety and depression, blending the therapeutic power of faith with practical, everyday strategies. Gain insights into natural methods to enhance your mood, reduce stress, and achieve a sense of peace and balance in your life. This segment is more than just informative—it's a pathway to finding inner strength and resilience through faith and understanding.


  • Health Enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of the amazing biochemistry of the body, and how genetics are influenced by your diet. Learn how to self-heal using food and supplements. If you're passionate about health and wellness and constantly seeking new and profound ways to understand how your body works, this course will open new doors for you. 
  • ​Individuals Struggling with Health Issues. For those who are navigating the challenges of conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gluten sensitivity, leaky gut syndrome, and other disorders involving inflammation, this course offers not just understanding but practical strategies to manage and improve your health journey effectively.
  • ​Proactive Health Seekers: If you're someone who believes in the power of natural and holistic approaches to health, this course is a perfect fit. Learn how to harness the natural methods of treatment, many of which were given to us by our Creator that allow us to improve the capabilities of our bodies to heal, maintain, and repair our temple.
  • Health Professionals and Practitioners: This course is an excellent resource for doctors, nurses, dietitians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals who seek to reach out to their clientele that expect knowledge outside of typical Western medicine. Expand your knowledge base in integrative medicine and innovative practices to better serve your patients and regain the trust that they expect by adding new, evidence-based approaches into your practice.

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Course Features

  • ​​Expert Guidance: Gather insight from leading integrative medicine expert, Dr. Neil Goodman. Gain access to cutting-edge secrets that few medical professionals have shared before.
  • ​Engaging Video Lessons: Easy-to-follow, informative, and infused with Dr. Goodman's unique perspective that blends health, science, and Christian values. Dr. Goodman explains and simplifies previously complicated scientific terms into easy-to-absorb information that anyone can understand.
  • ​Practical Strategies: Implement actionable steps to improve your health immediately, as every lesson is packed with links and resources to impact your new, healthy lifestyle.
  • ​​Comprehensive Understanding: No longer do you have to be afraid to listen to a scientific lecture that you won't understand and therefore not use. Deepen your knowledge about your body's microbiome, often called the "Second Brain" and its critical role in overall wellness. See how many systems that originally seemed unrelated are, in fact, deeply intertwined. The whole picture becomes apparent as you proceed through this innovative course!
  • Flexible Learning: Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, anywhere, and anytime. Our course is accessible across various devices, offering you the flexibility to fit learning into your busy schedule. Whether you're at home or on the go, these lessons are just a click away, providing you with the convenience to learn as per your lifestyle.
  • ​PDFs and Resources: Complement your learning with our carefully crafted PDFs and resources. These tools are designed to deepen your understanding of each topic, offering exercises, reflection questions, and practical tips. They serve as your personal guide, helping you to apply the course teachings to your daily life. These workbooks and planners are not just educational resources; they are pathways to transformation and personal growth.
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  • 5 half hour video lessons from Dr. Goodman, explaining the topics outlined above.
  • 5 PDF versions of the slides used in each module, so you can review them any time, online, on your tablet, or phone.
  • ​Dr. Goodman's notes and talking points from each module.
  • Special discount rates on some of Dr. Goodman's favorite supplements that he supports for balancing your health.
  • ...and even more surprise resources and bonus content!

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Welcome! I am Dr. Neil E. Goodman, a dedicated physician with over 39 years of experience, specializing in integrative medicine. 

My approach to healthcare blends traditional Western medicine with integrative medicine techniques. The use of nutraceuticals, probiotics, and dietary strategies are just as critical, if not more so, than traditional medicine to foster healing and wellness.

My medical journey has been rich and diverse. I am a member of both the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging in Medicine. My foundational training in medicine was completed at the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo University, followed by my post doctorate training at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado. My undergraduate degree was in microbiology and immunology from The Ohio State University.
In addition to my medical practice, I have a history of service and education. I am a 14-year veteran of the United States Army, where I served as a Major. Post-service, I transitioned to civilian life and have been imparting knowledge as a Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical College of Georgia, teaching medical students, PA students, nurse practitioner students, and nursing students. I currently maintain a full-time practice in coastal Georgia.

Join me as we delve into the comprehensive world of integrative and holistic medicine, where we prioritize a whole-body approach to health and wellness for patients of all ages.